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For the linker machine challenged, I have universal linkers available that will link .50BMG, .308 Israeli, .30-06 1919 BMG, Nato M-13 (M-60 MG) links, .223 SAW links, Vickers .303 Eyeletted cloth belts, and MG42 metal belts.

Capacity is 20 rounds per stroke for .30-06, .308 Israeli, and Nato M-60, about 24 rounds for .223, and 16 rounds per stroke for MG42 belts.

Price of linker with one set of linking plates is $215, with extra plates at $95 each (SAW .223 plate is $105). If you already have an M7 linker, I will knock $20 off the sale price if you send me the linker to modify ( three small holes drilled in the press bar. Prices do not include shipping. UPS charges run from $12 to $18 depending on area.

Different link plates drop right in, in a second or two, and you can still link .50BMG if you remove the plate and pushbar.

Other people want $250 for something that will only do .308, so this is a deal!

Get them while you can, because when I run out of M7 linker bases, there won’t be anymore!