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1919 BMG stand up mounts for sale. These are heavy-duty, yet light weight mounts for the 1919 Browning Machine Gun. Extensive use of aluminum was made to keep these in the 25 to 35 pound range for portability.

The mount includes the main post, three outrigger legs, leg braces, cradle, socket, and pintle. The cradle attaches to the gun throught the main forward mount hole, and the rear T&E holes.

The mount allows 360 degrees horizontal movement, and 35 degrees of elevation, and 35 degrees of depression from horizontal.

The mount quickly disassembles with a few allen wrenches for transportation in the trunk of your car. Estimated set -up, and take down time is 2 minutes.

No need to lay in the dirt or mud any more. All mounts are custom built WRT the customer specified gun sight-height from the ground. The fixed height models can have the sight height altered for a few dollars at any time at your nearest hardware store.

The cradle mounted ammo can holder accepts a standard .30 cal (7.62) ammo can on the left side.

The adjustable height models have 7" of adjustment above, and below the customer specified height (14" total travel).

E-mail me for photo. (note some of the photos do not show the legs braces installed, these braces run from the middle of the outrigger legs to about the middle of the main support post).

Brass, and link catchers will be available shortly. No more having to put a tarp under your gun, or pick your links up off the ground.

This is all new manufactured stuff, no old surplus junk.

Prices are as follows:

Fixed height mount, Quick folding legs, you specify final sight height: $440.00

14" travel height adjustor mechanism, add $95.00

Truck bed adaptor, bolts to truck or jeep bed, $75.00

If you wish to purchase the cradle/ammo can holder/pitle/socket only, without the main post and legs, price is $250.00. This assembly will adapt to a standard 1" NPT male pipe thread.

Brass and link catchers: will advise, but probably pretty reasonably priced.

Weight of the fixed height mount is about 26 pounds. The variable height model is about 32 pounds. Prices do not include shipping.

Allow 3-4 weeks for shipment.


D.H. Melton Co., Inc Tempe,AZ 602-967-6218