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D.H. Melton Co., Inc specializes in the suppression on MAC's STEn's and Ruger MkII's.

We use all stainless steel components (aluminum will be used on special request), and use state-of-the-art spacer/baffle technology.

We have been in business for 12 years, and have specialized knowledge in gas fluidics, sound attenuation, and the working of stainless steel.

Being a small manufacturer, we offer personalized, custom service, and attractive pricing, along with superbly made products.

Our suppressors are as good as, or better than most of the major manufacturers items in both sound reduction, and quality.

All suppressors are guaranteed to not have bullet baffle contact if we have the barrel, or firearms to work with, and we hold tolerance to within .005" or barrel bore with regard to parallelism, and concentricity.

Our suppressors are designed to be either partially, or completely disassembled for cleaning, depending on the suppressor.

We are a licensed Class 2 manufacturer. All NFA rules apply.

Selecting a Suppressed .22 Pistol

There are several things to consider when selecting a suppressed .22 rimfire, whether it is a Ruger MkII, or any other integrally suppressed gun.

Your first consideration is whether the barrel is unported, or ported. Unported barrels offer full muzzle velocity of the bullet, but are slightly louder. Ported barrels are quieter, but at the expense of muzzle velocity.

Often an unported gun is best for pest removal, or other applications where you need the bullet to deliver itís full energy to the intended target. Using subsonic, or standard velocity ammo produces high terminal bullet impact, yet good sound attenuation. Ported barrels are used when maximum sound reduction is required. Some bullet velocity is lost, but if you select a well made gun, with proper porting, the velocity loss is minimal, but sound reduction is greatly improved.

Improperly designed ported barrel guns will usually not cycle when shooting high velocity, or standard velocty ammo, and certainly not cycle when shooting subsonic ammo. Well designed integrally suppressed pistols will cycle all ammo, including subsonic, yet provide better sound reduction than poorly designed guns that will not cycle any ammo. Many ported barrel guns lose so much bullet velocity from poorly designed porting, that you may be better off with a Crossman pellet rifle for serious pest removal applications.

Another consideration is whether you want a stainless steel gun, or a blued/parkerized gun. Stainless is a must for use of water as a suppression enhancer, and desirable for ease of cleaning in general. Blued or Parkerized guns are desirable where the reflectivity of stainless steel would be a liability.

Another important consideration is whether of not the suppressor removes from the gun for cleaning. Obviously, a suppressor the can be easily removed by the owner, will last a lot longer that one that is permanently fixed to the gun. If the suppressor does not remove from the gun, make sure that the expansion chamber area around the barrel has some method of draining cleaning solvent from the chamber. A non-drainable, non-removable suppressor, quickly become clogged, and useless, especially considering how dirty most .22 ammo is. At $200 for the tax stamp, plus the cost of the gun, I am sure you donít want to throw your gun away after 5,000 rounds or so because the supressor has become clogged, and quite loud. Well designed guns with removable suppressors have a good indexing feature that allows the suppressor to be aligned properly on the gun each time it is removed.

We, at D.H. Melton Co., Inc., offer both ported, and non-ported barrel Ruger MkIIís, in both stainless, and blued steel. All of our suppressors are designed for easy removal from the gun, and offer the best suppression currently available.